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Drain Camera Inspection

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Modern technologies have entered all spheres of our life, helping us solve a great number of our everyday problems. Drain camera inspection, which is performed by many companies in Toronto, is one of the brightest examples of this fact. Nowadays, pipe camera inspection services have become very popular not only among commercial organizations, but also among apartment and house owners due to their effectiveness.

Drain camera inspection is carried out with the help of miniature video cameras that move inside the pipe and transmit image in real time. Video pipe inspection is recommended in situations when: you have problems with clogged drains, and you presume there is a foreign object in the piping system; you have noticed a sudden increase in the water discharge rate and you suspect a leak in the system. Drain camera inspection gives a lot of information about the state of the piping system. Video inspection helps plumbers detect all small cracks, distortions, leaks, blockages and foreign objects, determine the exact location and nature of the defect, the condition of the pipeline. This information helps our specialists to decide whether it will be enough to perform a local repair, renovation or it is necessary to carry out pipes replacement.

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