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Drain Repair & Cleaning

Over time and with everyday use, it’s common for your household drains to become clogged or in need of repair. Although you may be tempted to take care of plumbing problems yourself, a qualified plumber ensures the job gets done correctly. Remember that you’re not the only homeowner facing frequently occurring drain problems. A professional plumber will happily take care of your drains, allowing them to run smoothly again.

Common Drain Problems

Most drain problems are caused by one of two things: misuse or old pipes. Pouring grease, food or other foreign items down the drain can eventually cause problems. If there are children in the house, take care to avoid accidents like toys flushed down the toilet. On the other hand, even pipes that have been cared for over the years can face problems when pipes become rusted, the ground shifts or the weight of the house on the pipes takes its toll.

#1: Roots
Tree roots growing into pipes is a common plumbing problem. Roots are attracted to the water in the drainage area. Even a tiny crack will cause roots to start growing toward the pipe. Over time, the roots will enter the pipe causing the crack to grow. Root problems do not go away without intervention. They can often be avoided, however, in newer homes with PVC piping because roots cannot penetrate the PVC.

#2: Grease
Grease in your pipes can cause major blockages or backups. Although it seems to be a liquid as it is poured down the drain, grease hardens as it cools. Eventually, you end of with a sticky mess inside your pipes that attracts and holds other objects passing through. Dispose of grease by letting it cool and throwing it into the trash instead of down the drain.

#3: Hair
Another common drain problem that is hard to avoid is hair. Over time, hair in your bathroom sink and bathtub becomes slimy, causing blockage in the drain or pipes. Usually the hair can easily be removed, allowing water to drain and flow freely.

#4: Dip in the Line
A dip in your drain line is caused by the ground shifting beneath the pipes over time. A dip in the line causes slow flow, pipe backups or blockages. The only way to fix a dip in the line is to build up the earth beneath the dip, allowing the water to flow freely again.

Our Drain Repair and Cleaning Methods

Here are a few methods our plumbers would usually use to clean your clogged drain and get it back to normal work.

#1: Cabling/Snaking
Many typical drain problems can easily be remedied with cabling or snaking. This process involves a metal cable which is inserted into your drain. The spring-loaded cable spins at a high speed, causing any obstructions to be pushed out of the pipe. Cabling and snaking can be done on a regular basis to ensure free flowing pipes.

#2: Augering
An auger is a tool used specifically for clogged toilets or urinals. The auger is inserted into the drain pipe to force out the blockage.

#3: High-Pressure Water Jetting
A high-pressure water jet easily removes stubborn grease and sludge clogging your pipes. The water pressure jet is powered by a compressor and includes a specially made nozzle made to push foreign objects out of the pipes.

How Quick Response Plumbing Can Help With Your Drain Problems

We can help with any of your drain problems weather they are related to clogged drains or old or broken pipes. Here is a list of the most common problems that we see our clients have:

Clogged sinks, tubs and toilets
Blocked garbage disposals and grease traps
Stopped-up main sewer lines

We provide a 24/7 emergency service in Toronto and the GTA and can come to your rescue any day or hour you may need it. Just call us at 416.999.2.999 or email at

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