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Plumbing Lisgar

Located in the northwest corner of Mississauga, Lisgar is a wonderful community that offers ample green space. Offering affordable housing along with a number of new schools, this has become a popular place for parents to raise families. However, plenty of middle-aged people live in Lisgar as well.

The majority of homes in Lisgar are constructed from brick, which adds to the overall charm. Although the homes are simple in design and landscaping is still developing, many people find Lisgar to be a perfect place to live. Because most of the homes are within quick access to the GO train and the highway, commuting to and from work is relatively easy.


The one thing you will notice almost immediately when visiting Lisgar is that all of the homes look much the same. Most are semi-detached or detached family homes, although there are a few townhomes throughout the area. The one exception is Trelawny Estates, where the homes are much larger, detached, and built on small courts. As imagined, the homes in Trelawny Estates have more curb appeal, and with no through traffic, they can better accommodate playing children.

Whether you are purchasing one of the more uniform homes or one in Trelawny Estates, emergency plumbing situations will arise. If the wrong things are dumped down the kitchen sink or foreign objects are flushed down the toilet, you can expect to need services for emergency plumbing in Lisgar.

Advantages and Disadvantages

There are many reasons for moving to Lisgar, including affordable housing. Especially if you want a newer home, which would likely reduce the need for a Lisgar emergency plumber, this is the place to live. The homes are made from brick and offer modern amenities that so many people look for when buying.

There are some things to consider before moving to Lisgar. For instance, because most of the homes were built during the 1990s, lot sizes tend to run small when compared to more mature neighborhoods. This is also a densely populated area, so unless you choose a home in Trelawny Estates, traffic is often heavy.

There are also a lot of new schools in Lisgar, which attracts younger families. The downside is that the main secondary school has struggled to retain high standards of education over the years, although new programs have been implemented to help. Lisgar is considered extremely safe, there are some wonderful splash pads and parks, and the shopping is great.

Although there is water nearby, Lisgar is still a developing community. As such, there is not a lot of mature landscaping. For the time being, this is great since overgrown tree roots, which can lead to you needing emergency plumbing services, are seldom a problem. Considering the list of positive attributes associated with Lisgar, for many people, this makes a great place to call home.

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